Martin School Fundraiser

Walkathon Helps Out Elementary School

OK, North Attleboro is a bit out of our turf, but we'll travel for a good cause. This weekend's good cause was a fundraiser for the Joseph W. Martin Elementeray School.

In order to raise a bit of money for the school, they had a nice event last Saturday. Said event had a walkathon, a DJ, and a series of booths with information on local charities and businesses. I actually went to the dental booth twice, as they were giving out free sugarless bubble gum. I also repeatedly did the Apple farm booth until they lady was like, "You really shouldn't eat more than seven of those in 15 minutes."

Puddles the Penguin, a good friend of the column, was there in her capacity as the Martin School mascot. Puddles even did the walkathon, which isn't easy with flippers for feet.

Batman and the Penguin are usually arch-enemies, but they put it all aside if the cause is good enough. The event ended at 2 PM, and Batman and the Penguin were fighting at 2:01, once the kids weren't watching.

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