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There are lots of young eco-entrepreneurs who are starting all sorts of creative services, companies, and apps designed to help build the new sharing economy and benefit the environment at the same time. One of these companies is, RelayRides the nation's largest peer-to-peer car rental marketplace, a new concept in car rental.

Fixer Fair

A Greener Way to Wash Your Car!

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, much of the nation is under “abnormally dry” to “exceptional drought” conditions. In San Francisco where drought is severe, people are issued a water allotment and should you go over your allocated amount, there is a significant fine. Additionally, shut off valves are mandatory on hoses. You can’t wash your car without one. My sister who lives there mentioned that everyone’s car is dirty!

Do Away With Smelly Feet!

One of my readers contacted me for a natural solution to a common but embarrassing problem, smelly feet. Sweaty feet and foot odor are quite common, especially among dancers, athletes or as the hot weather sets in. Wearing shoes and socks that don’t breathe or rough, dry skin on your feet can promote foot odor. Bromhidrosis, foot odor, is due to bacteria that breed and multiply in warm feet, socks, and shoes. The soles of your feet have thousands of sweat glands that produce perspiration, which can breakdown in contact with certain bacteria, causing an odor.

Traveling Waste

Ah, summer vacation! There’s nothing like getting away. Whether by car, by air, or by train, traveling however, generates a lot of waste!

My husband and I were recently in Asheville, North Carolina. On the drive from Charlotte to Asheville, we stopped at a Subway restaurant , one of the healthier fast food options, for lunch. Since I haven’t been to a fast food restaurant in years, I was shocked at the enormous amount of throwaway,non-recyclable products with each order – still!

Bottles Made From Reclaimed Ocean Plastic?!


The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

Whenever possible, eating organic food is always preferable. Organic food is grown without chemical pesticides, may contain more natural antioxidants and nutrients linked to reduced risk for cancer, stroke, and heart disease, and tastes more flavorful. But, organic food is usually more expensive than conventional food and many people can’t afford it.

Gardening with Charcoal and Epsom Salts

A few weeks ago I did a post on gardening with baking soda. I recently came across more clever organic gardening tips using common household products – charcoal and Epsom salts. Read on….


And yes, I’m talking about the charcoal you'll barbeque with this Memorial Day weekend, as long as it’s additive-free (natural hardwood charcoal, not briquettes)!

Plant a Tree for the Future

The social, aesthetic, and environmental benefits of trees are numerous. They manufacture oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. They provide shade in summer and windbreak in winter. The beauty and serenity of trees have been shown to help hospital patients recover more quickly. Trees reduce crime in low-income urban areas and increase property values. Trees help us save energy and improve air quality, conserve water and provide homes to wildlife. Large and majestic trees are an important part of the community.