Pilgrim Reincarnation

Think about this.

The Pilgrim nuclear power facility was recently re-licensed for another 20 years by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

In 1972 Boston Edison built it at a cost of $231 million. That makes it 40 years old and the assumption is that it  will be around until it is 60 years old.

In 1999 it was sold to the Louisiana based company, Entergy Corporation, which is an out of state owner that is nowhere near it, and will not suffer from anything that might go wrong with an aging facility. The sale was the result of the deregulation of the electrical utility industry. And if you heard about the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, obviously a deregulated plant is not a danger. Right?

On April 11, 1986 a repeating equipment problem forced emergency shutdown of the plant. It cost $1.001 billion to fix the problem.

It's spent nuclear fuel is in an on-site storage pool, waiting for federal direction on the correct disposal process. That's 40 years of spent fuel sitting at the plant now to which more is going to be added. And, it has to be remembered that a spent fuel rod is more radioactive than a new one.

The original license to operate was to have expired in 2012, but In 2006 Entergy filed an application to extend the license until 2032 which was granted. So satisfying business executives was preferred over the safety of those who live near the plant.

With winds generally coming from the West, that means Cape Cod.

Since the spent, but still radioactive rods, are piling up, it would appear the facility is more of a dump for them than a power plant.

Now, think about this. If there is an accident, evacuating the Cape would call for people to drive right into the contaminated area, and if people chose not to drive into danger, the wind would bring it to them.

Now, there's a choice.

The plant isn't necessary anymore. The plant is aging. The people of the Cape are not in a very good position.

The plant needs to be shut down voluntarily, and soon, so it does not shut itself down by way of an accident.

There seems to be something about this area that has Pilgrims lying about intentions and safety.

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