Cape Cod Rockhopper

I have more stories then a camel has fleas

Season Change, Brewster Grist Mill & Orange Sherbet Salad

      Well as we start to wind down from the normal season and transition into our second season the weather seems to ramping up again. If you enjoy cooler weather this past season has been your year for experiencing the Cape. Not overly warm, and not overly rainy, some would say just about right. Me on the other hand could have used a few more days in the 80s and a few less cloudy days. I love the beach and I love being out in the sun. So as this second season starts I am hoping that we get more days of full sunshine and less of those cloudy days.

Kite Flying & Cheeseburger Soup

      Cool evenings and warm sunny days, work all day and take a lazy afternoon to relax at the beach, now this is what I call Cape Cod living. I don't live in the high rent district, I have neighbors that know each other, (ok we know each others pooches names better than the owners names but still.) Family coming to visit, and even as much as you love them you are also happy to see them go home.

An Evening at Pain D'Avignon Cafe & Sunshine Salad

      Well I have to admit, tonight 8-13-14 was a very special evening. I have told you in the past that the places I support I don't ask for anything from them, and I expect nothing from them. I write about our local businesses because I believe in supporting those those live here, work here, and play right here on Cape Cod.

After 5 Beach Time & Cheese Straws

Craft and Art Shows & Special Potato Salad

Sailing Cape Cod & a Regatta Cocktail