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Local Business Report & Basic Lentil Soup & Greek Lentil Soup

       Well there is Spring in the air and time for local business updates. These are stores and shops that I have enjoyed over the past year and years. One is going into her second year, three have new locations and one is just a fun place to go into and find new things and the last place has good eats for inexpensive costs.

Seasonal Beers & Foo Yong Toss

Cape Spring Time & a Lifesaver Cocktail

Trailing on Cape Cod & Lime Velvet

      Well I am going back to were I wanted to go last week with my blog. The idea of getting outdoors on the Cape and enjoying all the beautiful trails we have. The network of walking and riding trails are so immense that you could not possibly do them all in a weeks time. And for us that live here, if you do a different one each week, it will still take you a couple months to get through them all and to begin again.

Whoops & Chicken Salad

A New Pooch & Del Monaco Potatoes

Cape Wild Life & a Boat Drink Cocktail

A Fever,A Community Event, & Jello Cake

Mom Memory/Mixed Bag & Roasted Garlic Potato Soup

Now and Then Cape Cod Dreams & Sienna Salad