Cape Cod Rockhopper

I have more stories then a camel has fleas

The Outdoor Shower & Brandy Alexander Pie

      One of the things I have grown to love it my outdoor shower. This is unique to the New England area or to the coastal areas up and down the east coast. You move much to the interior of the country and they you say you shower outside and they look at you like you are from another planet. But when it comes down to it, they don't know what they are missing. There are a few different styles of showers that are common here on the Cape. First is the total open concept, no walls, no door, just a shower head, may be hot and cold, may just be cold.

Update on Cape Cod Living & Autumn Salad

      The days are getting shorter, it's a full blood moon this week and a lunar eclipse, the leaves in some parts of New England have already peaked their peeping season and we on the Cape are still looking for ours to begin. Most of the bogs have been harvested, but a few have been left to stand a while longer. The pond that have had their waters used to flood the bogs are now lined with cranberry remnants as the water returned to the ponds get the missed leftovers and are now yummy treats for small woodland critters and flow with any kind of feathers.

Weekend Hiking & a Smooth Sailing Cocktail

      With the weather so nice, this past weekend I went on a few mini hikes at a few of our conservation paths and along one of the town beaches. First stop was the Swan Pond Conservation paths in DennisPort off Center Street. This Path system is not overly long but has some really nice view out over Swan Pond. The paths wind around and are relatively clear. There are two paths that do go down to the waters edge but they are pretty steep and if wet could be really slippery. There are a couple of benches you can just sit and relax on taking in the wonderful scenery. 

Autumn's Changing Season & Raspberry Delight

      Well, the seasons by the calendar have officially changed and we are full into autumn. Weather still has not made up it's mind and I am waiting for the leaves to change. It's times like this that I really wish I had a couple of kayaks to take out on some of the ponds and lakes and go leaf peeping. But will just have to find another way to enjoy looking for the changing leaves like on nice nature walk through some of our conservation areas. We have so many within 7 miles of my home that I can not even begin to hit them all.

Mom & Shellfish Memories / Macaroni Shrimp Salad

      Already the sun is setting much earlier than it was Labor Day, the air is substantially cooler and I don't think I have mowed the lawn since the last week of August. Great on my electric bill since I have a plug in mower, I don't mow and I don't have to worry about the electric bill. Still looking for a way to afford the Scallop Festival but just don't think it's going to work again this year, really bits cause the weather looks like it is going to be outstanding. Besides saving my pennies for the Oyster Festival in October.

Festivals - Cranberries Plus & Simple Oven Fries w/Options

      Over the next 4 weeks will be one of the reasons I moved to the Cape. The only problem is Im not a millionaire and I'm not crapping a ship load of money. So I am having to pick and choice which festivals I can afford and which ones I want to really go out and find those extra pennies, nickels, and dimes in the sofa and easy chair. These festivals both on the Cape and just off Cape will be an experience you will not want to miss. These festivals celebrate one the most iconic events that of our little spit of land has to offer, the Harvest of the Cranberries.

Slow Down for Some Star Gazing & Anchors Away Cocktail

      Star light star bright, how many stars can I see tonight. Is a walk in store tonight? I don't too often run into pure writers block, It's like talking, I am rarely without a word, or thought. I have opinions, I have concepts, Im a dreamer, a poet, an artist, so ideas just aren't an issue for me. Yet every once in a while it hits, and nothing. Either I have thought it, shared it, told it before. Everything seems to start to sound alike or it just does not make sense.

Season Change, Brewster Grist Mill & Orange Sherbet Salad

      Well as we start to wind down from the normal season and transition into our second season the weather seems to ramping up again. If you enjoy cooler weather this past season has been your year for experiencing the Cape. Not overly warm, and not overly rainy, some would say just about right. Me on the other hand could have used a few more days in the 80s and a few less cloudy days. I love the beach and I love being out in the sun. So as this second season starts I am hoping that we get more days of full sunshine and less of those cloudy days.

Kite Flying & Cheeseburger Soup

      Cool evenings and warm sunny days, work all day and take a lazy afternoon to relax at the beach, now this is what I call Cape Cod living. I don't live in the high rent district, I have neighbors that know each other, (ok we know each others pooches names better than the owners names but still.) Family coming to visit, and even as much as you love them you are also happy to see them go home.

An Evening at Pain D'Avignon Cafe & Sunshine Salad

      Well I have to admit, tonight 8-13-14 was a very special evening. I have told you in the past that the places I support I don't ask for anything from them, and I expect nothing from them. I write about our local businesses because I believe in supporting those those live here, work here, and play right here on Cape Cod.