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Those Weekend Trains

Those Weekend Trains

Favorite Sandwiches

Sandwiches usually are considered to be a lunchtime meal. Chips, fries and some coleslaw are popular accompaniments. Some sandwiches are so popular that they are eaten for dinner too. We are not talking about slices of pizza or wraps of your favorite sandwich but rather your favorite fillings enclosed in two slices of bread. It must be so since a Boston court defined it as such many years ago. The treat was originally named by the Earl of Sandwich, an 18th Century English Aristocrat lest we mistakenly assume that such a meal is pedestrian or common in nature.

Happy 100th to a Falmouth Legend

One hundred years. Think of what has happened in this community – in this Commonwealth – and in this great nation in the past century.

Hot Tea!

Tea is tasty, nutritious, medicinal and “hot” right now. So is compost tea for your lawn, trees, gardens and shrubs!


Since it has been discovered that just blaming President Obama for anything actually works, people have found they can deflect responsibility for their own actions by blaming him.

It’s a God send especially as people never stop to think it through.

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Massachusetts NonCompete Agreements and the Their Future

I've written frequently about Non Compete Agreements in the past. Recently, I have had many Non Compete issues come up in representing both employers and employees. Of course, employers want to enforce them, and employees want to defeat them.



I used to watch Glenn Beck’s cable show because it was, to me anyway, a form of performance art.

New Season: WXTK's Lambert hints at BIG "ANNOUNCEMENT"