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Massachusetts NonCompete Agreements and the Their Future

I've written frequently about Non Compete Agreements in the past. Recently, I have had many Non Compete issues come up in representing both employers and employees. Of course, employers want to enforce them, and employees want to defeat them.



I used to watch Glenn Beck’s cable show because it was, to me anyway, a form of performance art.

New Season: WXTK's Lambert hints at BIG "ANNOUNCEMENT"


Makers And Takers


The U.S. Census Bureau released statistics recently (expertly summarized by Terrence Jeffrey of CNS News, April 2014) that reported the shocking financial mess that politicians have created by their unfettered spending for more than a half century. The efforts of idealists to make the U.S.A. a heaven on earth has placed in jeopardy the future security of millions of Americans.

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Did he, or didn't he?

A week ago Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia gave the Rose Lecture at the University of Tennessee College of Law.

After he finished his prepared remarks, he took some questions.

One of the students asked if the government’s collecting income tax was constitutional, and Justice Scalia responded that it was.

Boston Commuter Alert

Zakim Bridge Partially Closed

Yes, We Know That's Sagamore, We Just Needed Bridge And Traffic...

Bourne is the gateway drug to the high that is commuting to Boston. If you are going there, you're going through here first. That's why Buzzards Bay has 4000 people- tops- and yet has 6 gas stations on a mile long strip of Main Street.

Close examination.

Recently I was joking with some friends about the two latest things for which President Obama is being held responsible.

Everyone can partake equally.


With a little imagination, any voter, not just the ones with the big bucks with which to buy politicians and elections, can find a way to be part of the democratic process.

Elections are not just for those with the money.

Don't let anyone tell you the system has become rigged in favor of the 2% and corporations.

You are people too.