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How Much Will Putin’s Sanctions Hurt The West?

In my last post I gave a chronological account of the events in Ukraine over the last ten months. This chronology clearly showed that the United States, and not Russia, was behind the destabilization of that country and the coup that has led to the armed conflict in its eastern region.

Healthy Gluten Free Tofu Chocolate Cake

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to compete in a dessert cook off for abused children sponsored by  the 80 year old ice cream parlor called Four Seas.  I am not sure who won but everyone had a good time in helping a worthy cause.

A Greener Way to Wash Your Car!

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, much of the nation is under “abnormally dry” to “exceptional drought” conditions. In San Francisco where drought is severe, people are issued a water allotment and should you go over your allocated amount, there is a significant fine. Additionally, shut off valves are mandatory on hoses. You can’t wash your car without one. My sister who lives there mentioned that everyone’s car is dirty!

Barnstable Today: Thursday August 7, 2014

We have details about tonight's Town Council meeting on this episode of Barnstable Today.

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Ted II Filming In Wareham

Marky Mark In Town!

Ted 2, a follow-up to Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane's wildly popular movie about a talking, pot-smoking Teddy Bear named Ted, is filming some scenes in Wareham this week.

Well, how embarrassing was that?

Sat back, reading and watching as people ignored the facts, choosing instead to make things up and go off on that.

People had to reach pretty far to come up with the things they put forth, some even saying they knew the facts, but just knew, just somehow knew there was all kinds of other stuff.

Thankfully, the number of people protesting and making a lot of noise did not represent the majority of people on Cape Cod.

Eat Tourists, Not Seals

This sign in front of a house on Route 28 in Harwichport suggests that our  friendly Great White Sharks should give up their present diet of Harbor Seal and turn instead to devouring our visiting tourists..

We  know this ocean predator has been good for business, but this is the first time it's been suggested that tourists are good for dinner as well.