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The All Purpose Condiment Called Chimichurri

Warmer weather calls for grilling your favorite cuts of meat and vegetables and enjoying eating s’mores made at an outdoor campfire under the stars, even if the campfire is just a Weber grill in your backyard. Grilling on an open fire reminds me of my favorite Spanish teacher who would transport us to Latin America with stories about visiting the Pampas of Argentina. Conjugating verbs and learning Spanish vocabulary became more palatable while listening to her tell us about the wonderful steaks of the Pampas that she enjoyed at roadside cafes with her friends.

America - Under Attack


American's are under attack. The weapon being used against them is immigration. Who is the enemy? We are. For decades we've been importing illiterate people from nations who have no experience with, or appreciation for, our form of government, or our history.

What is an American? Some were born here; many were not. Nationality does not, therefore, conclusively define an American. What distinguishes the ones we call Americans, and those we don't?

Could be showtime



Things don’t look good for John Boehner.

There is a revolution brewing in the House of Representatives, and the Tea Party crowd wants to oust Boehner as Speaker.

He is not conservative enough.

Eric Cantor appears to be the chosen one, provided, of course, that he promises to bring aboard a conservative deputy.

Barnstable Today: Thursday April 10th, 2014

The Barnstable Board of Health will consider increasing the minimum age to purchase tobacco, a new boardwalk at Sandy Neck will help improve beach access for the disabled, and the Barnstable Police Department now has a permanent drug drop off box. These stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today.

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Another wrong prediction

Read a caution recently that we need to watch states like Colorado because it will be undeniable that within three months from the beginning of the legal use of pot in that state, all hell will break loose with troopers from neighboring states spending a lot of time pulling people over for driving while high.

President before his time.



Well, it’s been quite a few years now.

If you are under 20, you never knew him while he was alive.

If you are under 40, he had already resigned the presidency, so Richard Nixon is just some dead president that you know about from history class when you were told about Watergate and the resignation thing, but that is probably about it.

UN Report

The recent UN Human Rights Committee's report focuses on violations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the United States does not come out too well when it comes to human rights violations.