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Barnstable Today: Monday July 14, 2014

A new museum could open in Hyannis by next summer, Superintendents from across the state will gather on Cape Cod this week, and a man who continues to follow his dream after a life altering accident will speak at Cape Cod Community College Wednesday.


Gen. Flanagan's Idea - The Time Has Come

Sometimes, a good idea sounds even better when considered against the backdrop of a little local history. On Wednesday, as I enjoyed the ebbs and flows of the sea of humanity that passed before me at the Falmouth Village Association’s super-successful Arts & Crafts Festival, I listened intently as two long-time locals, who have seen more than 160 years of Falmouth history between them, shared their perspective on Falmouth, its people and its history.

Shifting Sand Sculptures




Trouble - People Power Needed

Informed people know that this nation is in trouble so deep that it might not be able to recover. The purpose of this column is to urge non-voters to vote -- to urge voters to think before they vote again. Informed people power is needed to save America.

This is NOT right.

By now most of us have heard that the Israelis are first dropping “warning” bombs that tell people in civilian homes that they have just a few minutes to get out of the house because there is a lethal bomb on its way.

Problem is, they do not let anyone know how much time there is between the warning and the actual bomb.

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Perhaps the question “Why the sudden increase in the border crossings by Central American children?” has an answer we do not want to accept.

First, very few, if any, events, especially big ones, have one single cause. To think so is rather naïve. It might be easy and convenient to accept that great events have one cause, but most things come about because of a number of events that lead up to them.

Barnstable Today: Friday July 11, 2014

The Sandy Neck Board will consider a new parking permit for non-residents, the Planning Board hopes to find a solution to overcrowded parking lots in Hyannis, and find out what Veterans Beach has to offer.

They are people, not numbers

Since the various senate committees that investigate and oversee things are made up of both parties, the normal procedure is for both parties to suggest people who should appear as witnesses when there is a hearing.