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America - What Happened To It? Part II

America is headed, at best, for mediocrity, and, at worst, for shipwreck, for two reasons: It has turned away from God, and it has turned away from the U.S. Constitution. -- Robert E. Kelly, 2014

Part I examined America's turning away from God. Part II deals with turning away from the Constitution. I begin in the late 19th century under two presidents, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

Turned Away From The U.S. Constitution

Barnstable Today: Monday August 4, 2014

This week Town council will vote on a land swap that could allow the Barnstable shooting range to re-open, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary Czajkowski is gearing up for the upcoming school year, and state funding will allow Cape Cod Community College to launch a new program next year.

America - What Happened To It? Part I

America is headed for mediocrity, or for shipwreck, for two reasons: It turned away from God; it turned away from the U.S. Constitution. -- Robert E. Kelly, 2014

I'll make the argument for the first half of the above premise in this column; in a second one, I'll address the shredding of the Constitution.

Turned Away From God

God's law, among believers, guides man's moral behavior.

The Smartest Rabbit

By Jack Sheedy

Twentieth century poet, essayist, hymnist, part-time church janitor Thomas J. McSheey suffered from social anxiety disorder, which may explain why he spent so much time alone in his vegetable garden contemplating the mysteries of the universe. One day, while weeding, he suddenly stumbled upon an ironclad proof for the existence of God. He could see it all clearly in his mind, if-then statements leading from theorem to proof of a Deity. But then he became distracted picking peas and forgot all the details.

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Barnstable Today: Friday August 1, 2014

We have shellfishing do’s and don’ts on this episode of Barnstable Today.

What A Time You Chose To Be Bourne

What's Up With The B This Weekend...



Do Away With Smelly Feet!

One of my readers contacted me for a natural solution to a common but embarrassing problem, smelly feet. Sweaty feet and foot odor are quite common, especially among dancers, athletes or as the hot weather sets in. Wearing shoes and socks that don’t breathe or rough, dry skin on your feet can promote foot odor. Bromhidrosis, foot odor, is due to bacteria that breed and multiply in warm feet, socks, and shoes. The soles of your feet have thousands of sweat glands that produce perspiration, which can breakdown in contact with certain bacteria, causing an odor.

Superintendent Has Falmouth Singing the Blues

I love to sing. I sing in public, I sing in the bathroom while I’m brushing my teeth (that can be messy), I sing while I’m cooking, and even while I’m working. At the office, people know when I’m coming down the hall, as my sounds precede me. As a result of that happy propensity, and an ill-advised governmental policy, it’s unlikely that I’ll be traveling to Winnipeg any time soon.