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Commute Snarled By Accident Near Rte 6

An overturned turck is causing a major traffic delay this morning. At the intersection of Route 6A and Route 6, on the off-ramp of Exit 1, a lumber truck tipped over. There is a diesel fuel spill. Delays approaching the Sagamore Bridge look to be mammoth. This pretty much just happened.

Use the other bridge if you can. If not, plan on a considerable delay.

Early Family Days & a D.P.R. Cocktail

       When all is said and done, what has made the Cape so special to me. Family and Friends. While growing up spending summers on Cape Cod my childhood family ( Mom, Dad and my sisters),  would look forward to spending each August on sun baked beached and in mild ocean waters.

Stop Dithering Deval

                                                       Stop Dithering Deval

Creating Your Own Barcode

In part 1 of this saga, I advanced my knowledge about using smartphone apps in shopping and promotional settings. What I was really looking for, though, was the answer to the question, “Can I do this myself?” Not that anyone cares that much, except that if I can do it, anyone can!

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Low-Income Students On Cape Cod

There is a hard-n-fast bond between the performance of a school district and the relative wealth of the families who provide the students.

Give me the town name, and I'll be able to tell you where they rank in school performance if I know how relatively well-off the town is. It's not a 100% perfect way to guess, but it's close enough that I can go public with this ability.


We intend to perform several mock drafts. You've already heard from Ellen the Nanny, who took on the difficult pre-Combine attempt. Today, we hand the duties over to our deceased Senior Senator.

Death has slowed but not stopped Ted Kennedy, and the time away from the Senate has freed the sage of Hyannis Port up to devote more time to important stuff, like who is going where in the NFL Draft.


Back to back events are taking place at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center this week with The 2nd International Theatre On Ice Nations Cup taking place Thursday and Friday and the 4th US Figure Skating Nationals Competition on Saturday and Sunday.  With over 1,000 skaters, their coaches and entourages already shopping in the mall and checking out the Main Street shops, we look forward to a busy weekend!

Here is the schedule of events so far. More details and a more detailed schedule will be posted here after the Draw Party tomorrow evening!

Falklands HO!

Andrew Buckley Jay Sheehan and Jamie Gallant of Hit and Run History

Local Adventure-Travel Show Featured on Kickstarter