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No atheists in bathtubs

Let's revisit the Rapture with some further commentary to my earlier blog entry...

B.C., just after lunch

Sox Win, Wimby Final Set, Cape League Schedule

Boston 5, Philadelphia 2

The Boston Red Sox dodged a sweep in Philthydelpia by drubbing the Phillies, 5-2.

America's Evolving Facelift

     For all of my travels up and down the coasts of Massachusetts, the South Shore and North Shore, there are still places that are completely unfamiliar to me.  Some of them are very close by to where I live.  One such spot is Norwell; it lies in between the places I have visited along the South Shore and some of the places further inland that I have seen like Easton and Brockton.  I was very interested in finding out what this area was about and



There's no better place to practice yoga than on a beach in the summer. Build strength, flexibility and balance while reducing your stress. This gentle Hatha Yoga class incorporates a gentle flow appropriate for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. Bring a towel or two (mats are slippery in the sand) wear loose, comfortable clothing. Presented by Gin Ryan, RYT and founder of Community Yoga.


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Falmouth School Dress Code

Lawerence School Adopts Dress Code

The Lawerence Middle School will now stress conformity over learning after passing an outrageous dress code this week.

Sox Shut Down, Wimby, Cape League

Phillies 2, Red Sox 1

The Boston Red Sox are in the midst of an early summer collapse, losing to the Philadelphia Phillies, 2-1. The loss drops them 2.5 games behind the Yankees for the AL East lead.

John Lackey pitched well, but he dropped to 5-7, 6.81. He even batted in the only Boston run, with a double. Unfortunately, he also hung a pitch to Raul Ibanez, and that was all she wrote for the Olde Towne Team.

Mom's Cape Prank, plus & a Summer Super Supper Salad

        Some of my best memories of my Mother are when we were at the Cape.As of this July 5 it will be 23 years since she passed away. Still withso many years passed there are times that I can't get her out of mymind. I helps that she is most responsible for me knowing my way aroundthe kitchen as I do, and my love for cooking to the extent that loveit. My Mother was not a boisterous person, she was not a jokester orone to play pranks. Although every now and then when she did they werealways classic.

Obama To Vacation On The Vineyard

He likes us! He really likes us!