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Sox Win, US Open, Cape League Standings/Schedule

Red Sox 12, Milwaukee 3

The Boston Red Sox scored a 12-3 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday.

We beat them so badly that, if he actually existed, the Fonz would move to Green Bay. A 6 run first inning provided all the offense we needed.

Kevin Youkilis hit a 3 run homer in that first inning, with Dustin Pedroia and Marco Scutaro also giving the fans a souvenir. Tim Wakefield went 8 innings to improve to 4-2, 4.26.

Lacing Up

"Bobby Orr ... behind the net to Sanderson ... to Orr ... Bobby Orr, scores!"

                                                    - Stanley Cup winning goal call by TV announcer Don Earle, May 10, 1970


A Barnstable Verdict In "A Case of Suicide"and Many Unanswered Questions

On Thursday June 16, a jury in Barnstable Superior Court returned a verdict in a case I had been working on for 7 years. The name of the case was Callahan v. Jellinek. The jury found that Dr. Theodore Jellinek, a Sandwich psychiatrist, was negligent in his treatment of Mary Callahan, but that his negligence did not "cause" Mary's suicide. I represented the family.



The Sports Desk Loves A Parade!

Stanley Cup? Just happen to have one right here!

A concussion hurts, but a Stanley Cup parade has a way of making a guy feel better, especially if he's from Canada.

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Never Believe Anything from Audra Parker

Before we start... the parade route. It starts at the Garden at 11 AM.

There are many coveted pieces of art in the world. The Mona Lisa. Michelangelo's David. The Washington Monument. The Crown Jewels. All of these fine craftings mean very little to me, because no one has dove into a swimming pool with them at a keg party.

Here Comes Some Wet

9:30 Radar

Hopefully, it won't rain on my parade!

Shooting Gray Seals, Gray Wolves, Gray Haired Billionaires -What's The Difference?

      Shooting Gray Seals,  Gray Wolves, Gray Haired Billionaires -What's The Difference?

                                               La nuit tous les chats son gris.  - French Proverb