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A proud moment in Falmouth


This week's town meeting was historic.  In a couple of ways.  Our local legislators validated hundreds of hours of tireless work by local volunteers and made a bold step toward ensuring the health of our estuaries for generations to come.  And Rich Latimer went through an entire evening without rising to speak.  Although the former will have a more lasting impact on the future of our hamlet, the latter will go down in the annals of our local democracy bee as a seminal event.

Sox Beat Yankees, Manny Ramirez Retires

Breaking News! Manny Ramirez Retires!

This is how I'm hearing it. Manny signed with Tampa Bay this offseason, and just last week failed a drug test for steroids.

Manny got caught juicing with the Dodgers, and was suspended for 50 games. This upcoming suspension was for 100 games. Rather than deal with it, Manny announced his retirement as an active player.


Close The Beaches, Chief Brody

Camp Good News has been all over those Internets lately, and rightfully so. It sems that some sort of monster was working there.

East Bound And Down

Should the police perform high-speed chases?

Red Sox 0-6, Brady's Mansion, Masters Ongoing, Bulls Rout Celtics

Boston Swept By Cleveland; Yankees Up Next

The only thing I can say that will comfort a Boston Red Sox fan is that at least we won a World Series recently. I can't imagine being like 85 and seeing them start this way, when they last won it all in 1918.

The Cleveland Indians swept their early season series with the Sox yesterday. The final game ended 1-0. Cleveland scored their run on a squeeze bunt, if being 0-6 wasn't soul-crushing enough.

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(Hyannis, MA - April 7, 2011)   Hundreds of skaters (ages 5-adult) and their coaches, families and friends converged on the grounds at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center today to compete for the top honor in their age division at the International Theatre On Ice 2nd Nations Cup.

Glenn Beck Walks The Plank

Glenn Beck is too hardcore for FOX, it seems.

The talkmeister announced yesterday that his relatively high-rated TV show was getting the axe by FOX.

They're Ruining My Summa... In April!

Boston loses to Cleveland, 8-4

Is it time to hit the panic button?

The Boston Red Sox fell to 0-5 last night after the Cleveland Indians tuned us up, 8-4.