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Obama To Vacation On The Vineyard

He likes us! He really likes us!

Sox Lose To Philly

Philly 5, Red Sox 0

Cliff Lee blanked the Sox for his 3rd straight shutout as the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Boston Red Sox, 5-0.

Many saw this game as a World Series preview, as Philly is the class of the NL. If so, Boston is in dire straits.

The Sox only managed two hits off Lee, who outdueled Josh Beckett. Beckett gave up a pair of homers to drop to 6-3, 2.20.

Less said = better.

Storms Overnight

Make sure you shut the windows before you go to bed!

If they keep together, look for us to get hit at 2 AM or so.

Word Abuse in Alcohlics Anonymous

The abuse and misuse of words to override spiritual principles happens everyday.

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Whitey Bulger Buried Treasure?

Feds drop one case - still charged with 19 murders

Gun activists destroy Porsche 911

Bay State Gun group perforates German metal. 

(Porsche fans cry)

A Bay state non-profit group organized this offbeat event after the Porsche's owner, tired of excessive repair bills, offered it as shooting gallery fodder.

The group's website is below.


High Seeds Ousted At Wimbeldon; Cape League Schedule/Standings

Top Seeds Dropped At Wimby

How often does this column lead off with tennis, eh?

We generally play if fair, and lead off with whatever the most important sporting event is. That's almost always one of the Big 4 of local teams, be it the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, or Red Sox. It's a nice mix of what I see as important and what I think you see as important. No one ever bitches at me for not covering the obscure sports..."Hey Ted, we need more Lacrosse coverage."