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I would be very surprised if most people agreed that the latest decision by the Supreme Court regarding campaign contributions which expanded Citizens United was a good thing for democracy.

I rather believe it is the opposite.

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Perhaps a poor idea


Just as people are stuck on the question, “Are you better off with the Affordable Care Act”, especially now that the 7.1 million goal has been reached, Ted Cruz asked the same question a week before the March 31 deadline, attempting, I assume, to make a point.

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I am sure there will be those who will look for anything that could possibly put a damper on things, but the projection for enrollment in the Affordable Care Act by the end of March 31 was for around 6 million, but 7.1 million was the final figure.

Granted there were some glitches on the last day, but considering the number of people who waited until the last minute, some glitches were to be expected.

A Shooting In Duxbury

        By David A. Mittell, Jr.

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Someone said that people come to the blog for the inane, but stay for the comments.

In the Shadows



Most of the people I know who are involved with the TEA Party got involved because of its original purpose which was to limit taxation and control the deficit.

It was in the name Taxed Enough Already.

But like any group that claims they have no leaders and everyone is united by a common concern where no leaders are needed, they left themselves open for someone to fill that vacuum.