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In the Backwoods of Dennis-   By Jonathan Mayo


There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the Hobby Lobby case, especially when the word “abortion” begins to creep into people's arguments of support while, at the same time, the word “contraception” gets slowly eclipsed.

Duxbury Shooting Victim: Benzino??

B List Rapper, Magazine Founder Gunned Down In Duxbury

"Step Into Your (Mom's) Wake With Your Blood On My Shirt"

Route 3 Closed After Shooting

Duxbury Ain't What It Used To Be, Following A Shooting During A Funeral Procession

(photo credit to this photographer)



Consider this a public service.

I don’t comment on my blogs because what I have to say, I say in the blog.

I do read the comments, but I consider those the discussions of the people who make the comments, and they in no way influence what I decide to post, or even if I post at all.

I post what I decide to post because the topic interests me.

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Barnstable Today: Friday March 28th, 2014

This week’s storm has an impact on Sandy Neck, plus heroes honored this morning in Hyannis. Details on this episode of Barnstable Today.

Amanda Ravens is Not A Runner - But She Runs For Us

Amanda Ravens is not a runner. Just ask her. In fact, you can read her blog.

Amanda, however, now runs for a purpose. She runs for those who can’t.

The Nutritional Powerhouse, Quinoa

 Quinoa (pronounced Keen wa) is one of the most popular, healthy foods being grown today. You can pretty much find it everywhere probably because it’s one of the most nutritious plant foods now being sold. It is also one of the few dishes found to be close to a complete protein and to be gluten free as well. Moreover, quinoa is modest in price and flexible in how you achieve delicious flavors. It seems to take on the flavors you cook it with.

Secular laws are secular, and should remain so.

If you have lived in a state where the majority of people belong to one religion, and where the politicians of that state appeal to the members of that religion for votes, it becomes plain why the Founding Fathers did not like the idea of a state religion.