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Cape Cod Canal Centennial Celebration Weekend Schedule

Spend Saturday And/Or Sunday At The Canal!

The Cape Cod Canal Centennial Celebration is off and running, and it kicks into high gear this weekend.

This weekend will be very busy, we have fireworks on Tuesday night, and it goes full-tilt until August 3rd. We'll publish a weekend schedule today, and then fill you in on the M-F during the week.

Forgive to Move to Recovery

Forgiving may not seem like an action that is that important to heal and recover from alcohol abuse, but it is. The first person to forgive is yourself. You made the choice to go down the path of addiction with friends, maybe from an emotional or physical event from the past that devastated you, loneliness, hurt, abuse on you, bullying, or whatever reason. We all make mistakes in life. Someone physically hurting us or giving emotional abuse, can mold us into what we become in adulthood.

Cape Cod Canal History

Old Man River Turns 100! 

Yes, we know it's a Canal and not a River. Give us a break, there aren't many songs about Canals.

Barnstable Today: Friday July 25, 2014

Town Council is working to deal with rising costs for trash disposal, we have details from last night’s workshop on this episode of Barnstable Today.

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Traveling Waste

Ah, summer vacation! There’s nothing like getting away. Whether by car, by air, or by train, traveling however, generates a lot of waste!

My husband and I were recently in Asheville, North Carolina. On the drive from Charlotte to Asheville, we stopped at a Subway restaurant , one of the healthier fast food options, for lunch. Since I haven’t been to a fast food restaurant in years, I was shocked at the enormous amount of throwaway,non-recyclable products with each order – still!

A Remembance At The Gurnet


Barnstable Today: Thursday July 24, 2014

Trash will take center stage at a Town Council workshop tonight, the Agricultural Commission hopes to expand community gardens in town, and we learn more about the new day program for the homeless in Hyannis.