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A Remembance At The Gurnet


Barnstable Today: Thursday July 24, 2014

Trash will take center stage at a Town Council workshop tonight, the Agricultural Commission hopes to expand community gardens in town, and we learn more about the new day program for the homeless in Hyannis.

Bourne Selectmen Say "No Mas."

Vote In Unison Against Children

Barnstable Today: Wednesday July 23, 2014

The Marine and Environmental Affairs Department may soon cap the number of moorings in Lake Wequaquet, experts say improving bike paths can increase tourism, and we learn more about the local meals tax with Finance Director Mark Milne.

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Do Unto Others...

100 gather to support migrant children

In response to yesterday's Bourne Gathering of Vitriol, approximately 100 people rooted in love and compassion gathered on the Falmouth Green to demonstrate their support of bringing the very needy Central American children (who have come to America escaping desperate environments) to Cape Cod for sheltering and showering them with loving kindness.

Somehow, I feel, we have God on our side.

Pictured on the right are:

Market Basket Food Fight!

Sagamore Supermarket Smackdown!

If you ask any cop in any city or town what their least favorite part of the job is, you will most likely get "jump into a fight between two brothers" in the top five answers. 

Barnstable Today: July 21, 2014

On today's episode: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary Czajkowski comments on a recently released school safety report, Town Manager Tom Lynch is taking the Senior Managers Meeting on the road to Osterville this week, and work is underway at the Bay Street Boat Ramp. These stories and more on today's episode of "Barnstable Today".