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Barack Obama Is Coming To Town

Barry And Martha Continue Their Love Affair This August...

Barack Obama getting the 411 in Chilmark last year, courtesy of whitehouse.gov....

The "Do Nothing" congress is about to do something.

I know some find it offensive that I cover only about one thing a day, and that the topic I pick is not necessarily the one they would have wanted.

So, as a public service to help my fans, especially my two very devoted ones who have to find topics I didn't pick on their own, thereby taking up too much of their valuable time, these are some of the topics I did not draw or write about today.

The New Jesus

In my very strict religious upbringing I remember Jesus as being the Prince of Peace, and someone who had said that a person who lives by the sword will die by one.

I assumed He referred to swords as those were the weapons of the day, and that if he had said anything about rifles, handguns, or phasers, people would have no idea what He was talking about, and the parables were often confusing enough.

She speaks for you.

My daily schedule begins with perusing the internet reading various news web sites, not only to see what happened the previous day, but to read what people have to say about events.

I check the comments after my blog, and forward the link to the blog to people and publications all over the globe.

My day goes on; I draw some pictures; and then go out into the world and interact with people.

Peas in a pod

Jobs, jobs jobs.

That, according to John Boehner, was the objective of congress, especially after their first priority of making sure President Obama was a one term president fell flat.

But, instead, we have continued obstruction, laws favoring Wall Street while ignoring main street, and veterans’ programs cut so many are homeless while others have to survive on Welfare that continues to get cut.

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Four Alarm Fire In Sandwich

New Bedford Waste Facility Is, Uhm, Wasted...

I'm just printing radio reports and Walter might have someone on the way there as we speak, but I'm hearing reports of a three four alarm fire at New Bedford Waste in Sandwich.

News to ignore

First there were the WMDs that no one was able to find, although there are those who now claim that they actually did exist provided you change the definition of the phrase “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.