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Congee Soup: The Widely Eaten Food of Asia

We are reading and learning more and more about China these days. So I thought you might enjoy knowing about, and hopefully tasting the historic Chinese delight called Congee or Jook which dates from 221 BC. Like a porridge or soup, Congee is considered a one-dish meal that is delicious, easy to consume and to digest. The dish consists of thick boiled rice soup or other grains cooked with plenty of water or broth, rather than fat, and flavored with an assortment of meats, vegetables and aromatics.

Barnstable Today: Wednesday July 16th, 2014

The park at Veteran’s Beach in Hyannis will soon be getting an upgrade, a state grant will help fund a day program in Hyannis for the homeless, and we learn more about the town’s revenue fund with Finance Director Mark Milne.


We need to clear the air, and established some boundaries.

When I present a topic, it is for the purpose of having people exchange their opinions on the topic.

I discuss things with my friends from all over the globe all the time, and I would enjoy what people whom I do not know have to say locally.

Charlie's Eye And Our Public Libraries

     On June 29, a Sunday evening, I bumped into The Duxbury Clipper's talented, John-Singer-Sargent-related editorial cartoonist, Charlie Rogerson, at a local doughnut shop, near its closing time. The man on duty offered us a free doughnut from those he was about to throw out.
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Candidate John Chapman Visits

Candidate John Chapman Visits
           By David A. Mittell, Jr.

Barnstable Today: Monday July 14, 2014

A new museum could open in Hyannis by next summer, Superintendents from across the state will gather on Cape Cod this week, and a man who continues to follow his dream after a life altering accident will speak at Cape Cod Community College Wednesday.


Gen. Flanagan's Idea - The Time Has Come

Sometimes, a good idea sounds even better when considered against the backdrop of a little local history. On Wednesday, as I enjoyed the ebbs and flows of the sea of humanity that passed before me at the Falmouth Village Association’s super-successful Arts & Crafts Festival, I listened intently as two long-time locals, who have seen more than 160 years of Falmouth history between them, shared their perspective on Falmouth, its people and its history.