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Those who are claiming that President Obama is a weak leader especially in regard to the events in the Crimea, and that people all over the world see him that way, need to examine the part they are playing in that impression.

Don't Look Now But...

This will be a short blog to bring something to the attention of readers that they may have missed. The wholesale prices of natural gas and electricity in New England exploded in 2013:

• 2013 percentage increase in the wholesale price of natural gas: 76%
• 2013 percentage increase in the wholesale price of electricity: 55%

Bad start


Since it is going to come up even as it is irrelevant to the actual topic of the blog, let’s get it out of the way.

The difference between Hillary Clinton and Scott Brown running for a seat in the senate is that Scott Brown was a senator from Massachusetts who ran for re-election, lost, and then went to another state to try there.

The Intoxicating Oyster

It’s amazing to live in a region of the country where you can find the evening meal at your finger tips. Oysters, like Clams, Lobsters and Mussels are available year round. Both coasts of the US feature such seafood riches. Up and down the Eastern seaboard and similarly on the West Coast, crustaceans, mollusks and bivalves are extraordinarily available.

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If we call it something else, it's a whole different thing.


It is now officially spring, and after at least 50 votes to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act and closing down the government in an attempt to defund it without offering an alternative other than returning to the way things were, House Republicans have finally changed their tactic to a “repeal and replace” one, and plans to reveal the details of their healthcare plan.

3 Unusual benefits of Yoga

down dog

Yoga is known for all kinds of obvious benefits -   helping you live more in the present moment, feel better,  make healthier choices, get more strong and flexible, lower your blood pressure and make you happier... but here are a few out of the ordinary things that happened to me while practicing yoga, along with getting a little healthier.

Whoops & Chicken Salad

If You Can't Garden, Clean!

Happy Spring! Whether it feels like spring or not, there is a psychological lift to just spotting a crocus or two and knowing that winter is officially over. It may be too early to start gardening, but it’s not too early to start a thorough spring cleaning!