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News to ignore

First there were the WMDs that no one was able to find, although there are those who now claim that they actually did exist provided you change the definition of the phrase “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

The "Shuddoos"

My mother called them “The Shuddoos”.

No matter what had to be done, and no matter how it could be done, there are always those who will freely offer, “there is something you shuddoo", or "You shuddoo something".

However what you shuddoo is never offered.

The Artist

The "Cheney Affect"

Well, he's been all over the television the last few days, but with Dick Cheney making claims about lies and squandering of America's "advantage" in Iraq, it has people going back to see what had been said as we geared up for war in 2003, and who lied.

I found this today.

In the summer of 2002 journalist Ron Suskind met with Karl Rove, describing the meeting this way:

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"I'm Never Going Back To My Old School"

Farewell To A Dear Friend...

Yes, this is a Bourne column, but many of the staff here are Duxbury High School alumni. My boyfriend is one of them, and he's taking the column over today.

"Washington Redskins" in poor taste? How about a new name: "Washington Raccoons?"

WASHINGTON, DC -- Time to get serious about this whole Washington Redskins thing, if you'll pardon my use of their "patently" offensive team name.

Certifiably offensive, it is, after the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday canceled the team's trademark registration. No more logo or name protections, and "open season" on counterfeit souvenirs!

About those "welfare queens"


Okay, not only were they defended as good “Christians” for the negative things said by the patriarch in what some like to claim was a blind siding question during an interview, and said repeatedly at church appearances, the Duck Dynasty group has been touted as examples of the “I built that” model.

Good Americans, Good Christians, good solid, independent, up by the bootstraps businessmen.

Wow! How come no one saw this before the poll?

It has been rather obvious for years now, as far back as 2008, that a major concern of the American people is JOBS.

We have heard of “job creators” who got the title without creating jobs. Oh, but they are going to.