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Eggplant Bounty - Recipes Galore

India is the birthplace of eggplant. But seldom do we see Indian varieties. In fact, many people assume that eggplant, which is actually a fruit not a vegetable, comes from the English who originally thought of eggplant as having an ornamental virtue rather than a culinary one. Its beauty is not to be under estimated but the numbers of ways eggplant can be prepared to eat are virtually endless especially during the summer months. And the more I explore this lovely fruit the more I appreciate the multicultural possibilities.

An Update On Buses And Trains

An Update On Buses And Trains
by David A. Mittell, Jr.

Kite Flying & Cheeseburger Soup

      Cool evenings and warm sunny days, work all day and take a lazy afternoon to relax at the beach, now this is what I call Cape Cod living. I don't live in the high rent district, I have neighbors that know each other, (ok we know each others pooches names better than the owners names but still.) Family coming to visit, and even as much as you love them you are also happy to see them go home.

You Know You're From Bourne If....

1) You have names for traffic. 

This is much like a true version of the "Eskimoes-have-200-words-for-snow" myth. Bourne residents are fully aware of at least 200 different styles of traffic, maybe more... I'm a washashore, and I learn a new one every day.

Why, just in the last few dozen months, I have been stuck in:

- Morning commute traffic

- Afternoon drive traffic

It's Too Late for Robin - But Not Too Late To Save The Lives of Others

I lost a longtime friend this week. He’s been a friend since my youth. For years, he made me laugh just at the right time. He brought me comfort during my sometimes awkward teenage years, and showed me that it’s okay to be unique, eccentric, spastic, and all those other tags and labels that were stamped on me with and without my permission in my younger years. They say he died from his own hand, butI believe he was murdered, killed by two sinister and insidious cousins, both ruthless serial killers.

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Barnstable Today: Monday August 18, 2014

Plans for a pirate museum in Hyannis fall through, Barnstable Public School officials are gearing up for the upcoming school year, and Cape Cod Community College faculty are helping students save money on text books. These stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today.


Bourne Hurricane Primer II: Evacuation

Got No Place To Stay...

Bourne Hurricane Primer I: Inundation

Run To The Hills...

We got ourselves a look at the current evacuation zone and hurricane inundation maps for Bourne, and the results are quite frightening. The Cape Cod Emergency Traffic Plan isn't exactly comforting, either.

Vincent Cogliano Runs For Congress

Vincent Cogliano Runs For Congress
                          By David A. Mittell, Jr.