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Barnstable Today: Special Edition - Cape Cod Lifesaving Competition

Today, we take you to Chatham for the 40th annual Cape Cod Lifesaving Competition. Barnstable came in first place in its division. Ten teams from across Cape Cod compete in sixteen challenging events.


Lessons from the Fall of Troy

I got to know Troy this week, and what I saw was a disappointment. This once-great pillar of strength and vitality has withered and declined. No, this is not a column about self-discovery and self-awareness; I actually traveled to Troy, New York, this week and saw the remnants of what was once one of the most prosperous and vibrant cities in the United States.

Barnstable Today: August 14, 2014

Barnstable This Morning's Sarah Colvin talks with printmaker and graphic designer Nancy Viall Shoemaker about two new books celebrating the town's history, "Barnstable @ 375" and "West Barnstable Remembered". Learn more at www.barnstable375.com.

Bourne News For 8/14

What's Up In The B

Market Basket Layoffs

You could see this domino falling a few weeks ago.

The Market Basket at Sagamore has been involved, as all Market Baskets have been, in a protracted labor dispute. A family feud among shareholders led to a change of leadership, and that change of leadership led to widespread walk-outs among the MB staff.

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Winds of Change

Ed. Note: I spoke these words at my daughter’s wedding reception Saturday, Aug. 2 at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster on the outer Cape Cod; any father who has married off a daughter has felt the moment; it advances slowly, then pounces. Change, in the fabric of family, is a conflict of emotions; the “giving away” seems so anomalous, yet so natural, running a range of sentiments—joyful, cerebral, wrenching, all at once.

An Evening at Pain D'Avignon Cafe & Sunshine Salad

      Well I have to admit, tonight 8-13-14 was a very special evening. I have told you in the past that the places I support I don't ask for anything from them, and I expect nothing from them. I write about our local businesses because I believe in supporting those those live here, work here, and play right here on Cape Cod.

Dealing with the Plenty of Summer Zucchini

Zucchinis are easy and fun to grow. In fact, our family was always offering these vegetables to friends and neighbors. But it wasn’t always easy to give them away in late August since everyone had a surplus of the ever present summer squash available to them. And this is why cookbooks like the 50 year old Italian cookbook, the Silver Spoon, recently translated into English in the United States, includes 37 Zucchini recipes and 6 for Zucchini flowers.

Metamorphosis in Falmouth

The imagery of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, of the plodding, slogging, uninspired worm-like being altering its outward and inward state and turning into a high-flying, beautiful work of nature’s art, is an oft-used metaphor to describe a metamorphosis in peoples’ own lives. Who among us has not felt like the caterpillar, plodding and slogging through our days, only to experience some sort of metamorphosis and be transferred, transported, or even transcended into a new, more brilliant and glorious state?