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The easiest way to post a comment on a story on is to type the comment and then click on the Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter icons to log in with your user/pass for those sites. 

If I log in using my Facebook account, are my comments visible to my Facebook friends or anyone else on Facebook?

No. The same goes for Twitter and Google Plus.

What if I don't have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account?  Can I still comment?

Yes. You can click on the "D" (for Disqus) and set up an account through Disqus.  You can also use this Disqus account to post comments on other sites which use the Disqus commenting platform.

Can anyone see all the comments I've posted on CapeCodToday?

Yes.  Anyone can click on your name and see all the comments you've posted on CapeCodToday, and also the comments you've posted on any other website which uses the Disqus platform. 

Can I delete a comment after I've posted it?


Are my comments on searchable by Google?


Will or Disqus know what my Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus logins are if I log in using these?


What are some other cool things I can do on CapeCodToday's comment platform?

You can subscribe to a comment thread by clicking on the "Subscribe via email" icon at the bottom of the thread. You will get an email when a new comment is posted.

You can follow the comments of another commenter, and they can follow yours. 

You can use another avatar.  Just change it or tweak your other settings by clicking on the gear icon next to the word "share" below the comment window.

Our commenting policy:

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