What my Daughter Remembers & Crock Pot Ribs

In just a couple of weeks my daughter will be coming to visit me. She is so excited to come back to the Cape for a visit, hoping that the restaurants she loves so much are open and that some of the other sight seeing places will be available to go visit. I was asking her what she remembers about coming to the Cape and what a few of her memories are. Funny as a family how quickly we go for the food experience. Her first note was that of Sundae Schools, and in the summers it being such a treat to go and get some of there wonderful ice cream. But more that anything the waiting in lines that would back out of the building and down the sidewalk. As well as the cars lined up down Lower County Road in both directions. We remember some of the earlier years when they did not have someone directing traffic and the trying to get in let alone trying to find a parking place. She remembers loves going to DennisPort House of Pizza were the owner remembers us every year that we came back and would treat us like family. I know I have mentioned this before by my son thinks that his Greek Salad is the best this side of Greece and is always trying to find ways for me to bring him back a Greek Salad when I travel back to Ohio.

One of the other things that my daughter reminded me of was their love for going to Christmas Tree Shop in Hyannis, not to go shopping but rather to go see the clock. My daughter and son would go and sit outside and wait for the clock to strike the half hour and then the hour and watch as the animation at the top would take place. She then reminded me of the time that they were waiting for the clock to chime and a dirty sea gull decided that while they were waiting he would do his dirty bird thing right onto my son. Needless to say he was not a happy camper, but for the rest of us it was a good laugh. So much of me is in her and that the things that I have talked about over the years is very similar to the thinks I liked and still like. She remembers going to Ocean Spray when it was still in Plymouth, and going to Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower. Fortunately she remembers the good times we had as family and not the, not so pleasant times, when Dad was being a yuts.

It will be fun to have her hear and be able to do a few things that we use to do, and go places that we use to go. Even with it still being late winter and spring has not really started yet, there are still many things that we will be able to do and places to go. Maybe even tackle a few new places just to keep the opportunity of adventure going. It is good to have someone coming as it allows me to be a visitor for a couple days, allowing me to remind myself why I moved here in the first place. Getting me out of the house, out from behind the computer screens and out to the other side of the windows, getting that chance to feel, smell, and taste that which I call home now, Beautiful Cape Cod. So when was the last time you asked your kids what they liked most about the Cape, ask them what they remember the most. Young or old it doesn't matter let them get excited about the same things that brought you here, and live vicariously through them to enjoy old things new again about the Cape. Then invite them for a visit and go do those things again, and love every minutes you have with them.

Now, time to start cleaning the house up a bit, dusting, Ok really, do I have to? I live on the Cape, I didn't now it could get so dusty. Swifter the floors, I wish someone would keep the sand where it belongs, on the beach and not,, oh wait a minute no one else in the house but me, guess not one else to blame, daaa. And that fun place call the bath room, I though every house came with a bathroom fairy that cleaned the hopper, sink and tub twice a month. Guess not, either that or they went to Florida for the winter as well. Oh bother, it has to be done, it has to be done. But wait a minute,, it's my house, and it is here on Cape Cod, and I am getting to live here. OK, time to stop belling aching and get to work, I have company coming, yaaa, and I so looking forward to it. I'll check the oil in the lighthouse lamp and trim the wick, and be sure that the lens is spotless so that the beacon can shine it's brightest. Have a great and wonderful and have an extra does of it if you do it while live here on Old Cape Cod. Till next time,,,,,

This weeks recipe is one that can be found in just about any good crock pot or slow cooker recipe book and you can find a good adaptation or variation in any good Baptist Church woman's missionary groups recipe collection that they put together for a fundraiser back in the mid to late 60's and early 70's. So I am just giving you one of my rib recipes, as I have will change it up depending on my mood and tastes at the time. Remember you can wet ribs or dry ribs, BBQ ribs or seasoned ribs, sweet ribs or spicy ribs or a combination. I offer mine just a another variation to give you and idea and say go experiment and enjoy some tasty fall off the bone ribs, Yumm. Now some recipes call for starting off the ribs in the oven, I don't always do that and for this recipe I have not. I am keeping it as simple as possible with what one might have in a normal kitchen. Now one with the show.

This weeks recipe: Crock Pot Ribs

  •    4    pds       Country Style Pork Ribs
  •    1    cup       brown sugar
  •    1    tsp        Old Bay Seasoning
  •    1    tsp        cracked black pepper
  •    1    tsp        celery seed
  •    6    cloves   garlic minced 
  •    1    med      onion sliced into rings
  •    2    Tbls      Worcestershire Sauce
  •    1    tsp        Franks Red Hot
  •    1    bottle   beer, preferably a good IPA

Cut ribs into sections of 2 to 3 ribs slabs to fit into your cooker. Sprinkle with brown sugar, Old Bay, black pepper and celery seed and gently rub into meat. Place into pot. Slice up onion in thin rings and place on top of meat. Sprinkle minced garlic on next. Mix Worcestershire sauce and Franks Red hot and poor over top. Last add beer. Cover turn on low and let go for 6-7 hours or until tender. Pull from pot and serve.  

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