How to Reset SMC PRAM on Your Mac

Step by step...

It's hard to envision modern life without advanced technology that makes our everyday routine that much easier. We're surrounded by machines! At our time we rely heavily on hardware and expect confident performance from it. Apple products are famous for their durability and functionality, but troubles can occur even on the best devices this world has to offer. Mac has a reputation of a stable and reliable computer, but also Mac is not safe from lags, errors and other difficulties that would lead to some frustrating experience. Software issues thankfully have solutions. Resetting SMC and PRAM is one of the working methods that would help you get rid of those problems.

What is SMC and PRAM

SMC is shortened for System Management Controller. It's a chip accountable for running physical parts of your computer: display, indicators, cooling fans, keyboards, buttons. It affects the behavior of your machine even in sleep mode! PRAM is Parameter Random Access Memory, and it contains data on time, volume, control settings, etc. One little battery answers for preserving that information after you turn off your PC, that way you wouldn't have to go over to preferences everytime you turn your device on. It's time to interfere if your gadget is acting inadequately.

Your first steps

Before starting, firstly you should close every running application and try a time-proven reboot. Complete shutdown with battery removal is preferable, as it would give the process some much needed time. Sometimes this primitive method can work out well and fix the issue in a minute. It's a good initial step that is easy to follow even if you're not that comfortable with technology, as some of you possibly are. Reset is a radical way of dealing with the problem, but it's super useful. Make a back up of your all-important files and documents beforehand, as you don't want to lose anything valuable at the time of this operation and regret your decision.

How to reset PRAM

Now to the more advanced directives that would have an impact! To reset PRAM, you should turn off Mac (no necessity in touching your battery or power charger). Turn it while holding four buttons all at once, concurrently. Those keys are "Command", "Option", "P" and "R". You will hear the startup sound twice if you succeeded in pushing them correctly, well done! And that's it! You reset PRAM just by doing that, by triggering the quadruple combination. It is only the first part of our little mission, now let's get to SMC, that way you would be able to complete the reset fully.

How to reset SMC

SMC depends on a battery policy of your PC, as there are three particular methods to reset SMC, which we will get into now. If you have a removable battery, move the back plate to extract it, after shutting the machine off. Execute a five-second hold of the power button, don't put the finger away, it matters. Insert it into place and turn it back on, only in that order! In case your battery is not removable: turn off the Mac, with power charger still working, plugged. Then press and hold Shift, Control, Option keys, as well as the Power button. Release them all at once, and Mac shouldn't power on during this procedure! If you use iMac, Mac Pro or Mac Mini, you should turn them off and unplug for around fifteen seconds. Then plug it back in and wait for five seconds minimum before powering it on.

Don't overuse resetting very frequently, only do it when there's no other solution. If instructions didn't help you, visit an Apple Store or Apple Service Station to get help from advanced level experts. If everything went well and you managed to deal with said issues, be sure to visit for more useful guides. Good luck! welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on