When is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System?

Four signs that the time is now...

With the Internet of Things in the saddle, smart homes are becoming the latest and safest infrastructure for your home. Entire cities are now becoming “smart”. So if your alarm system still coos every time a friend comes over to visit and you are still wondering when the right time to upgrade your home security system is, now is the right answer.

More often than not, we get really worked up about a newly installed home security system, but then we either fail to use it or fail to keep it updated and maintained. Depending on what type of alarm equipment you've installed, but it's estimated that the components of an alarm system might go obsolete in anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

Here are 4 signs it’s time to toss out your old home security system and upgrade or install a new one.

The Alarm System is Older than Your Kids

If your alarm system has been in place for more than you can remember, that is an enough reason to get rid of it. Technology is rapidly changing, and so should your security. There has been many great advancements in terms of home alarm system technology in the recent years. With new strides in smartphones, you now have the ability to actually turn on and off your home alarm system right from your phone from anywhere in the world. You can also be notified if any of the alarm triggers go off. This gives you peace of mind in knowing a burglar did not break in with you finding out only when you get back home.

Hardwired Systems

Does your security system involve wires all over the place? Security systems that only operate via landline and/or has wires that can be cut are definitely outdated. As most gen Z wouldn’t know, but back in the pre-wireless days, alarm systems were operated via land lines - involving literal lines (wires) that can be cut. Modern systems, however, use cellular transmitters that send/receive messages over major cellular networks, making them more difficult to corrupt or infiltrate. So even if your alarm system had a 30 to 40 second delay - all a burglar has to do is rip the system off the wall and smash it.

It’s Not Convenient Enough

If you ever feel that your alarm system is the only thing at your house that is not user-friendly, it is probably because it is not anymore. Your alarm system should give you peace of mind and not a headache, whether this is because it is controlled from one panel so you have to go all the way downstairs to make simple adjustments, or because it works only from home. The more home control devices that have access to the system, the more opportunities are at your disposal to let you assess if something has gone wrong and allow you to react accordingly. Home remote control features also give you more flexibility by allowing you to control your home from anywhere.

It Is Just an “Alarm”

This goes without saying. If your alarm system is so outdated that it only provides the cursory "burglar and fire alarm" features, you're missing out a lot. Today's alarms are smart house security systems - and their features are accessible 24/7 from your mobile device. Alarm New England even features a Do It Yourself installation that is seamless and does not take time at all.

An Update Costs Money

If you thought you’d have to get a technician over to “update” your system and install the newer version of it, then guess what? The whole system needs to be taken down and thrown away indeed. System updates are an important facet of technology today. Hardwired systems may work for a time without updates, but eventually service providers will advance to the point of not supporting your old technology. At that point, you need a complete equipment upgrade. A wireless home security system, on the other hand, can be updated multiple times per year, at any time of day. Flexible update ensures all the home control devices in your system are working together to protect your home and family.

Simply, if it is all weird, then it has to go. It is safer and better to get the latest home security system as soon as possible. The advancements in the wireless home automation systems provide you and your family with the best protection on the market. Besides, you do not have to wait and get robbed to see the holes in your security system. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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